What is Bedpage? – a full review

Bedpage is one of the many ad listing services online that allow people to post ads for various adult-aimed services, alongside pretty much everything else. Among such services, Bedpage has been on the rise recently – and for a few good reasons.


First of all, it’s a good alternative to Backpage, a similar website that has effectively been taken down a few years prior due to claims of supporting illegal prostitution, among other things. Bedpage provides a similar array of services, has a substantial userbase, and abides by law.

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That’s why, should you look for adult services or any other sort of job (either done or given to you), Bedpage remains one of the more reasonable choices. All the more so, considering there’s very little competition.


Mature sections (such as escorts, hookups, webcam broadcasts, and more) have been falling out of fashion among the advertisement listing services. Craigslist got rid of the more extreme types of it long ago, and in 2018 Backpage has been frozen. 

That website was much more mature in that sense, with adult section being among the most popular. It’s now pending investigation and you can’t really use it. Bedpage, by contrast, provides similar services, although nothing of questionable legality, unlike Backpage did.

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History Of Bedpage

You can regard this website as a spiritual successor to the both of these services – all the more so, considering the style, design and the way they work are very similar.

How does Bedpage work? 

Bedpage is not strictly a dating or a hookup website. The functionality is almost identical to many other listing website. Aside from meeting people for intimate purposes (or, maybe not – the website also allows dating), you can place any sort of ads, ranging from:

  • live estate


  • security or administrative jobs
How Bedpage Works
Bedpage Work System

The adult services simply fit the nature of ads very well, which is why many people advertise no other than themselves through them. Because each ad is also fitted with several photos, you can understand how a flea market sort of website could evolve into something that also supports human interaction.

Navigation on Bedpage

The entire website is a bunch of ads distributed through directories. In order to access any ad, you need to go through several steps:

  1. Picking your location;
  2. Picking the service you need;
  3. Going through the list of ads from recent to older

In order to place an ad, you need to, likewise, point out where you are and what sort of service/product you provide/sell. It may be adult services, and it is, in fact, still one of the most popular directions on the website. In each city represented on the list, you’ll find at least a few escort ads placed in the same day.

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That’s also why, although the usual non-adult services overwhelm dating and escorts in quantity, they can very easily compete in volume.  Because of it, you need to be 21+ to visit the website. It’s not really enforced – the pop-ups simply ask you regularly if you’re 21 or older.

How do ads get placed?

First of all, to be able to place ads, you need to be authorized on the website. It’s not necessary at all if you’re looking for ads, but you can’t place them otherwise.

  • Authorization via Google

The only way to register on Bedpage is through your Google+ data. The services such a Bedpage often don’t have functionality for supporting and maintaining infrastructure for different users to contact one another. They simply hold your ads and allow you to place your own contact info inside each post. Hence, they only need minimal data from you.

  • Filling out initial settings

Once you’ve authorized, you’ll need to create a post. It can be done very easily – all you have to do is click on a green button ‘Make an ad’ hanging in the top of the page. In fact, you’ve probably already done that if you’re authorized.

Bedpage Ads
Get Placed Your Ads

After that, you’ll get into a menu. There aren’t too settings, but you’ll soon discover that each setting is fairly detailed. 

First of all, you’ll need to pick a location and a service type, and then proceed from there. Bedpage supports a lot of countries and cities, although the primary customers are certainly the Americans – hence, the majority of the cities are from America. You can even sort by states, that’s now deep it is.

There are also lots of services, naturally. Some are age-restricted, and you should keep that in mind if you’re drafting a post for the escorts or hookups section.

Secondly – you’ll have to draft a headline and a description. You can put anything there, although there are symbol limitations. Really, anything goes – although the contents should better be in accordance to the service type. Putting your age in right away would also be good if you’re posting in the adult or dating section.

It means you can’t have mature or expressive stuff if you’re posting outside of adult sections, but you also need to make sure the topic of your post matches the purpose of a section you picked. For instance, there are lots of escort offers in the dating section, and Bedpage seems to give up trying to enforce the order there.

In fact, some broader sections (such as dating, again) are divided into smaller categories, such as M > W (men looking for women), W > M (women looking for men) and even W > W and M > M. In these cases, it means that the authors of posts there would be the ones looking. This depth of customization applies to many things on Bedpage.

  • Secondary settings

This includes many smaller details that will enable you to find better matches.

First of all, you’ll have to add the photos. You can add a good few of them, but, unlike some other services, there isn’t a primary photo that would be displayed in the list of ads

Secondly, there is additional info: your first name, phone number, e-mail address, location and post ID. Some are mandatory (such as your first name) and a contact number. Location is advised, and it includes a lot of things, including your city and some places in it (beaches, malls & more). It’s basically where you work or spend time.

E-mail and extra contact information are optional, although the post ID is place there for you. Fill out as much as you can, and you’ll have a comprehensive and detailed post that will surely attract a lot of people.

Replying to the ad

To reply to the ad, you don’t need to authorize at all. However, you can send a message to the poster, which will be sent to them directly alongside your own e-mail address. That’s one of the ways to contact a person

The other way is to simply call or message the phone number they left. It’s mandatory, so there’s always going to be a phone number. To negotiate a deal with an escort worker, for instance, you’ll also have to contact them. For this, you don’t need to list anything – all the information is in the open access.

You are, however, advised to contact them in a written form – through a text message or a letter, if they have e-mail. If they have an e-mail, their credibility is actually increased tenfold, because this person is less likely to scam you. The reason is simple – you can simply send the copy to Bedpage stuff as proof.

Reply To The BEdpage Ad
How To Reply To Ad

While calling a person, it’s also a bit harder to notice manipulation. The usual approach used by scammers is not even to ask for a credit card information (although it can still happen). Instead, they often ask for gift cards or a portion of payment up-front right there and then. Suffice it to say, you’ll never meet them again.

Yes, it is quite possible to meet a scammer or a fake account on Bedpage, seeing how easy it is to place ads here. The good thing is that you don’t share a lot of your personal information if you’re a simple lurker, nor does the website keep your info, which is grand if you’re afraid of a data leak.

That’s why, most of the time, you will call the scammers, and not the other way around. Because you’ll be the offering side, pretty much, you’ll have an advantage. Still, there are several measures you need to take if you don’t want to get scammed:

  1. Give as little personal information about yourself as possible;
  2. Don’t ever disclose your credit card information, even if you’re contacted by ‘Bedpage staff’. A member of staff won’t ask for your info;
  3. If a provider asks you to make an up-front payment, you have a right and a duty to negotiate. Always negotiate to meet them first;
  4. If you still want to make an up-front payment, do it the usual way – ask for their bank number and make a transfer

And the best advice – just be vigilant. If you’re shopping for escort services, don’t let you yourself be charmed into giving up your money without any proper trade-off. It’s business like any other, after all.

Where is Bedpage available?

In terms of legal availability, Bedpage can be accessed almost throughout the world. Certainly, it can’t be visited if the wide Internet in a country is blocked or heavily restricted (like in North Korea). In some countries, the website is illegal for its adult services (like in some Middle-Eastern countries).

However, the rest of the globe is completely fine – you can access the website from almost anywhere on the planet. With that said, not all nations are equally represented on the website.

America and Canada are obviously the leaders. After all, it is an American website, and most of the clients come from this part of the world, as a result. The other English-speaking countries are runners-ups, including Australia and United Kingdom. The rest of the Europe is also heavily represented.

What Countries is Bedpage available
Bedpage Worldwide Site

Because the website is aimed at the English-speaking users, the countries that don’t speak this language as well are obviously not as available.

You should understand that the website doesn’t have as much influence in deciding who gets represented or not. The lists revolve around the cities, and if a number of people are placing ads from the certain city, then it gets added to the roster.

All the active cities are displayed on the front page under their respective countries and states/provinces (if there are too many cities from a country). But you can also find a city immediately if you just type it into the search bar.

Website’s design

Bedpage is known for variety, openness and, well, its mature services. However, it is rather weak in terms of design.

Functionally, the design is superb. You can find the service you want in a moment. Just pick a city, select the service and go through the latest additions. It works well, and it’s exceptionally simple. There won’t be a time when you don’t know where to click or what to do next.

Who Works At Bedpage Design
Main Design

Appearance-wise, it’s outdated, just like many similar websites. It looks like it was made almost completely in html – the text and the links make up the majority of the screen, and the rest of the elements are blocky and restrained. It’s not really a flaw – they prefer practicality over looks, and it’s commendable. Just be warned that it’s not an eye candy.

Bedpage also doesn’t have an app, so there’s nothing you can do to improve your experience if attractiveness of the design is one of your key requirements.


Bedpage is one of the better choices if you want to find the escort provider in your city, or any other type of product or service, really. There are lots of users, variety and you won’t get scammed as easily. There are scammers, obviously, but not as many as you could think, and they definitely don’t have an edge over you.

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